Imagery is a huge part of making your brand engaging and attention grabbing. But there is a difference between imagery that is effective and imagery that is right for your brand. What’s always true is that using high quality imagery is really important for any growing brand – so let’s take a look at the different types, and how they can add value and cohesion.


Professional photography can bring your brand to life. If you can afford to hire a commercial photographer for specific shots, then it’s important to make the most of the opportunity. Have a clear brief in mind and make sure the photographer knows exactly what you are looking to achieve. Professional photographers aren’t cheap, but they are (generally) great at what they do – which means they can undoubtedly add value to the right project. Commercial photography is ideal if you need specific photos of your product or service.

If you can’t afford a professional photographer, why not try a semi-professional or a photography student looking to build their portfolio? They may not know as much as a seasoned pro, but with a clear brief they could pleasantly surprise you.


Professional illustration is an incredible skill. It is less frequently utilised than photography, but some brands really enjoy using this highly creative medium. A great way to begin adopting illustration into your brand is to start with a specific campaign containing a series of relevant images. If you decide to commission a series of illustrations we would recommend that a certain brand ‘style’ and colour pallette is devised and adhered to, so that customers begin to associate these images with your brand. A professional illustrator will be able to help you with styles, colour palettes and more. You may also be able to turn this illustration series into animation.

Stock imagery

There are many great stock image websites out there to choose from, all with varying prices (iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock… plus many smaller libraries). Before signing up, make sure that they have the sort of photos you will need to use – many of the smaller libraries don’t have as much choice but they may have exactly what you are looking for, which could work out nicely. Stock libraries are ideal for bringing professional imagery to your brand without having to conceptualise, set up and create every shot yourself.


© Photography by Jon English of Moomar


As with any part of branding, consistency is key. Great brands all ensure that imagery adheres to a consistent set of brand rules. Unless you have a professional skillset, we would avoid the temptation of creating imagery yourself. Think about creating a recognisable style for your material, mixing a distinct look with a specific colour pallette. With any sort of imagery, we recommend looking for colours that work nicely with your brand colours – this is all part of creating a cohesive brand feel. Choose the right imagery and enjoy watching your brand really come to life – it’s great fun!