Moomar was founded by Jon English, a creative designer who enjoys the buzz of working with exciting businesses and brands. Alongside other career highlights, Jon worked with restaurant chain, Bill’s, for 2 years during their expansion to over 70 locations across the UK.

Over the past few years the Moomar portfolio has grown to include a mix of startups, SMEs and large brands, and now offers a full-service solution including Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, Photography, Copywriting and Advertising.

About Moomar

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Moomar specialise in Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Development and Advertising.

More than just Graphic Design

Our passion lies in the connection between creative design and business – where ideas are combined with a working knowledge of Design, User Experience, Technology and Advertising.

Happy Customers

From initial discussions to planning and designing your project, we want you to be happy – after all, that’s how we get to continually work with great customers!

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